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Type2 Diabetes: Simple Steps to Staying Motivated

Photo courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net/ by stockimages

Photo courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net/ by stockimages


Exercising and staying motivated to do so is a challenge for many people with diabetes, but it’s also a very healthy way of dealing with your condition. There are several ways for you to keep up with this challenge. Some of the simplest ways are:

  • Starting an exercise routine
  • Making a plan and keeping a schedule
  • Allowing yourself to skip a day or two if you are just not feeling well

Skipping days shouldn’t make you feel weak, it is important that you accept the fact that some days are not as good as others. Think positively and plan to get back at it tomorrow or whenever you feel better!

Keep a record of your activity:

Keeping a record of your activity will help you stay on track with your schedule and can also help you see the change in your mood, level of activity and other patterns:

  • Is there a certain day that you have trouble finding time to work out?
  • Are there activities that you enjoy more than others?
  • Do you work out longer when you choose one activity over the other?

In case you find yourself bored with your exercise, try these:

  • Mix up your routine: Changing your routine can be very motivating. Get excited and find the activity that you enjoy to do and replace anything that is not as interesting.
  • Find an exercise buddy: Having a workout buddy or a group can help keep you motivated. Exercising alone can get tedious sometimes, therefore, joining a group or being accompanied by a friend could be the best solution.

Do what you enjoy: Choose activities that you really enjoy doing and add them to your schedule.

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