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Tips on Disciplining a Child with ADHD

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It is not always easy trying to get a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to listen. When they do not follow rules you might want to discipline them, but sometimes it’s hard for children with ADHD to even know why they are being punished.

These factors shouldn’t stop you from enforcing rules, you just might need to change your approach.

Start off by changing these problematic behaviors if you are currently doing any of the following:

Losing your temper. If you have a habit of yelling, screaming or worse than your child might start to only respond to these or similar theatrics.

Not saying exactly what the child did wrong. Some punishment will let the child know that they have done something wrong, alone this will not enforce positive alternatives.

Failure to follow through. Not following through on warnings or punishments teaches kids that there is no consequence to bad behavior.

Next let’s turn to some proven techniques for the effective disciple of children with ADHD.

Get their attention. Turn off all electronics, have others leave the room and make eye contact. Then explain what their punishment is and why it matches the wrongdoing.

Create a routine. A consistent schedule for daily activities will help children with ADHD understand why they are being punished. For example if they didn’t finish their homework by 6pm.

Teach with discipline. Add a bit of teaching to any disciplinary actions. Don’t just let the child know something is wrong, let them know exactly why the behavior is unacceptable.

Communication is the key to success. Set reasonable expectations, let your child know what and why something they did was wrong and reward good behavior. These tips will have you yelling less and smiling and laughing with your child more.




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