• FInd out more about our services dedicated to maintaing the physical and mental health
    FInd out more about our services dedicated to maintaing the physical and mental health


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Asthma has become one of the most widespread childhood diseases, and scientists have multiple theories as to why. But if you’re a parent and your child has asthma, all you care about is keeping him or her healthy. Here are 7 tips to do just that: Don’t fall behind on doctors’ visits. There are a […]

A new study suggests that families may not realize their child suffers from a peanut allergy because its symptoms resemble an asthma attack. The researchers looked at records of over 1,500 children who had visited the pediatric respiratory clinic at the Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. Ten percent of these children tested positive for […]

No one wants to suffer an asthma attack, especially at work. Here’s how to be prepared. Spotting Asthma Triggers in the Workplace Asthma and other allergic conditions are relatively common, so your co-workers may appreciate it if you minimize possible triggers in your work environment. One survey of over 14,000 people identified several workplace-specific asthma […]

In a survey of 1,000 people with asthma, nearly half of all participants reported not using asthma-controlling medication. Moreover, people who did use medications still had difficulty managing their symptoms. In the short term, asthma causes shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and asthma attacks. But if left untreated, asthma can have even more severe complications […]

Having asthma (even exercise-induced asthma) should not stop you from exercising regularly. First, you must get your asthma symptoms under control; then, you can find workouts that are less likely to exacerbate your symptoms. Here are 4 great exercises for people with asthma: Walking: One study found that adults who took walks three times a […]

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have pinpointed a genetic variation that may account for the inefficacy of corticosteroid inhalers for certain children with asthma. Scientists narrowed down 20,000 genetic candidates to focus on a single target: the gene VNN-1. They examined the nasal epithelia cells of 57 children who had recently suffered an asthma attack, […]

Contracting pneumonia during the first three years of life increases the risk of developing asthma later on, a recent study suggests. Asthma affects around 25 million people in the U.S, including 7 million children, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The study authors tracked 1,250 men and women from birth to adulthood, […]

Asthma attacks are episodes in which ordinary asthma symptoms become hazardously severe. Asthma symptoms include: Wheezing Shortness of breath Tightness in the chest Fatigue Night or morning coughing During an asthma attack, the airways get abnormally swollen that they block the flow of air in and out of the lungs. People with asthma also tend […]

“There are two challenges for people with asthma in the winter,” Dr. H. James Wedner, an asthma specialist at Washington University in St. Louis. “One is that they spend more time inside. The other is that it’s cold outside.” There are more asthma triggers indoors, such as mold, pet dander and dust mite. When you […]

For people suffering from asthma, taking medications and avoiding triggers are just a few ways to prevent asthma symptoms. According to a new article from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), asthma sufferers can manage their asthma by examining their lifestyles. In the article, the woman featured was able to control her […]