When we first –  you notice I said “we” – started getting infusions my daughter was in middle school. Of course, I mean meant my daughter got infusions but infusions affect everyone involved. Middle school is always a tough time but having to face infusion every 3 weeks added to the strain. Our doctor and […]

Facts about Pet Allergies Ø  More than 70% of U.S. households have a dog or cat. Ø  10% of the general population is allergic to animal dander. Ø  20% of people with asthma have pet allergies.  Ø  Animal dander comes from saliva, skin cells, and urine (not much from hair). Ø  Since cats lick themselves, cat dander gets onto their hair […]

There has been a revolution in recent years in the way that Allergist/Immunologists treat asthma.  Asthma is no longer considered one disease because of the many different forms it can come in.  Asthma can be related to allergies, exercise, infections, stress and a variety of other factors.  On a cellular and molecular level, these differences […]

I have Hereditary Angioedema which causes edema or swelling when I have flares. Since, I already struggle with having excess swelling in my body I thought it would be a good idea to do everything I could to help reduce the inflammation that I have.  I already receive infusions twice a week which is so […]

IMMUNOe and Horizon Patient Testimonial As much as I love winter time being immune deficient definitely makes it harder.  The kids being in school means germs are more prevalent around the house.  That adds another level of complexity trying to stay healthy.  Unfortunately germs are a part of life and as much as I hope […]

  Research Article: Attention Deficit Disorder and Allergic Rhinitis: Are They Related? Isaac Melamed and Melinda Heffron IMMUNOe Research Centers , Centennial, CO 80112, USA Academic Editor: Enrico Maggi Copyright © 2016 I. Melamed and M. Heffron. T The association between ADHD and allergy remains controversial. Our previous findings suggest that nerve growth factor may […]

According to recent estimates, 15 million Americans are affected by food allergies, which makes it a very important health topic. Experts advise people to beware of allergy symptoms and be cautious with the food they consume daily. Allergens are often hidden in foods and other products that we may not expect. Therefore, doctors suggest that […]