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Is Your Job Bad for Your Skin?



Is your job stressful? Is your working environment dry or filled with heavy heat? According to studies, there are certain types of jobs that could harm your skin or could increase your chances of getting skin cancer. These jobs are:

  • Truck & Taxi drivers: Drivers spend a lot of time behind a wheel and many times they do not realize how harmful the UV rays that stream through their window could be for their skin. Exposure to sunlight can increase their chances of getting melanoma. To avoid that, it is important to use sun protection.
  • Pilots & Flight attendants: Pilots and flight attendants are exposed to radiation related with high altitudes, which may be why they have an increased risk for developing skin cancer. According to the National cancer Institute, researchers found that melanoma is twice as common in flight crews.
  • Firefighters: Firefighters are constantly exposed to noxious fumes from flames that can damage skin cell DNA and can increase the risk of developing skin cancer along with many other forms of cancer of the respiratory, digestive, and urinary system.
  • Office workers: Although we believe that only contact with sunlight can increase our chances of melanoma, lack of sunlight is equally risky. Lack of sunlight is connected with lower levels of vitamin D, which according to recent studies, can increase risk of melanoma.
  • Farmers: Because farmers spend most of their days outdoors, they can be at risk for non-melanoma skin cancer due to the UV radiation they are continuously in contact with.

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Source: https://www.yahoo.com/health/the-7-worst-jobs-for-your-skin-112163298077.html

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