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Discover the Sneaky Ways the Sun May be Getting to Your Skin

Courtesy of: rajrupagupta.com/ bing images

Courtesy of: rajrupagupta.com/ bing images

November is here and it is the National Healthy Skin Month. Keeping your skin healthy is very important and taking good care of it can help prevent several skin problems and conditions. Protecting our skin though, might not be as simple as we think it is. Even though summer and beach time is over, there are several sneaky ways that the sun can be getting to your skin. Here are some sneaky ways that sun could be getting to you:

  • On a cloudy day: The clouds can easily fool us as the sun is always hidden behind those clouds. Although you are significantly less exposed to sunlight on a cloudy day, the sun can still get to your skin.
  • At work: If your office has a nice window view or you are working close by the window, then the sun has easy access on your skin. According to studies, UVA rays have almost equal strength from summer to winter and can equally harm your skin.
  • Up in the air: You may think that the sunlight exposure you get while flying is harmless, but this is very wrong. In fact, it can be more harmful than you think. You are much closer to the sun and exposed to much higher UVA rates. Next time, you might want to double think before selecting the window seat, unless you use SPF protection.
  • Through your clothes: Even if you always put on beach cover ups before going to the beach, the sun can still get to your skin. In order to protect your skin, you need to choose SPF clothing, which is designed to protect our skin from UVA rays. Also, avoid dark colors and choose bright colors or whites instead.
  • In the water: Yes, the sun can burn you even when you are in the water. The sun is reflected on the surface of the water and reaches your skin. Always apply your sunscreen before getting in the water.

Protect your skin and take good care of it! Help spread awareness about the National Healthy Skin Month!

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