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Beating the Back-to-School Blues

Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman/ freedigitalphotos.net

Let the back to school whining begin!

With the end of summer nearing, it can be difficult for parents whose kids drag their feet at returning to the classroom. There are some easy ways to cut down on the struggles of back-to-school week according to Barbara Reich, author and mother of two. Her book, “Secrets of an Organized Mom,” offers tips to help break down the organization process in easy to manage steps.

Here are some of her tips on getting your kids ready to go back to school:

Getting back into the school routine: Barbara says that in the week before, you should try to re-establish a bedtime and a wake-up time. This will help your kids get use to waking up earlier than they are used to in the summer. Make their homework a part of the routine as well, done at the same place and time every night after school. Once they get use to their routine, it will be easier for them to get back into the school schedule.

Preparing Kids with a history of behavioral issues: Each year is a new year and the way your child responds to their new teacher means there may be better or worse times ahead. If you feel as if there have seen behavioral problems, sit your child down and say you are going to check in with their teacher from time to time.

Using cell phones and social media at a younger age: Some schools will allow cell phones at school, while others will not. Barbara wishes that her kids didn’t have their cell phones during school, “I don’t feel there’s any reason why they need to get in touch with me during the day. Kids have cell phones at younger ages and it’s a blessing and a curse for parents.” It is nice to know that you can always reach your kids, but lets not forget about all the social media and apps available on most phones. Talk with your child and create rules about when they can and can’t use it, especially during school hours.

Resource: Longo, Chris. “How to beat the back-to-school blues”. Metro[Boston] 15 Aug 2013, Pg. 21.

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