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4 Ingredients That Help Soothe Eczema

Courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net/ by nenetus

Courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net/ by nenetus

Healing dry and irritated skin can be hard, especially during fall and winter, when temperatures decrease, and the air becomes dryer. Having eczema means dealing with dry, irritated and damaged skin.

Here are some ingredients that can help you keep your skin healthy, hydrated and calm:

  • Dead Sea salt: Sea salt has many healing properties, and one of them is soothing your skin. Sea salt can help improve your skin hydration and help reduce inflammation in dry skin. Try bathing in a Dead Sea salt solution.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is an extract from the leaves of a plant, which can help ease symptoms of burning, itching and also helps sooth your skin. Experts believe that aloe can be an ideal product for managing eczema symptoms. You can find it in the form of cream or lotion, which is topically applied on the affected areas of your skin.
  • Coconut oil: Highly moisturizing and soothing coconut oil is a product you can easily find. Coconut oil is used in many moisturizing creams and other skin products. This type of oil contains lauric acid, an antimicrobial substance, which helps soothe the skin, and replace damaged skin cells. It hydrates the skin and eases the symptoms of eczema. Make sure to buy pure coconut oil and products that do not contain fragrances, flavors or other additives.
  • Colloidal oatmeal: Studies have shown, that this ingredient is proved to improve itchiness and skin dryness. Oatmeal, helps capture moisture within the skin and keeps irritants out of it.

Do not forget, that November is National Healthy Skin Month! Remember to always take good care of your skin. Help raise awareness about skin health and skin conditions by sharing this.

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