• FInd out more about our services dedicated to maintaing the physical and mental health
    FInd out more about our services dedicated to maintaing the physical and mental health


Our expert knowledge in immunology allows us to gain significant insight into your specific health conditions.

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Pediatric & Adult Care

Our services cover a broad spectrum in order to provide healthcare to children & adults.

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Allergy & Asthma

Many of our providers are highly experienced in allergy and asthma conditions.

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Clinical Research

We are affiliated with IMMUNOe Research Centers. Find out about our current research studies.

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Halloween should be spooky and scary in a fun way, but how can you be sure that the fun is not taken away by any asthma complications? How can you keep this Halloween fun and safe at the same time for your child with asthma? Here are 4 tips that can help you combine fun […]

How Can You Help a Loved One With COPD?


Feelings of helplessness, fear, and despair often come along with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) diagnosis. People with this disease need to feel supported by their loved ones, and need to feel that they are not fighting this condition alone. Especially as the disease develops, and the symptoms worsen, they have a greater need […]

Halloween is here! It’s time to pick our spooky costumes, decorate our porches, and prepare our tricks and treats. Halloween is a scary time for many different reasons. It can be scary thanks to the spooky mood that it creates, the scary costume and decorations, but also it can be “candy scary”. More than 4% […]

Is it the trick or the treat that scares you? Every year children get very excited about Halloween, but is the excitement the same for children with food or milk allergies? Children with allergies and their parents get a little bit nervous around Halloween. They worry about the parties and the food their children will […]

A multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis may not something you ever expected to receive. Although an MS diagnosis can be frightening and overwhelming, it is very important that you remain calm and strong in order to deal with your diagnosis. If you are newly diagnosed with MS, these tips can help you better understand the disease […]

Chronic hives are characterized by prolonged periods of exacerbation and remission. Hives can last from weeks to years. For people living with chronic hives, it is important to keep track of their condition, the way it develops, their triggers as well as things that help them find relief. One of the most common triggers of […]

Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIPD), is a rare neurological disorder. It is characterized by the inflammation of nerve roots and peripheral nerves. It is responsible for the destruction of the fatty protective covering layer of the nerves. CIPD delays the signal transmission process between nerves, which can cause weakness, paralysis, and impairment in motor function, […]

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition, which can sometimes put you at a greater risk for other health conditions or complications. Such complications could be infections, kidney failure or even blindness. Maintaining an active lifestyle, eating healthy food and managing your blood sugar levels can help you manage your type 1 diabetes and avoid […]