• FInd out more about our services dedicated to maintaing the physical and mental health
    FInd out more about our services dedicated to maintaing the physical and mental health


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Almost everyone now knows that smoking cigarettes is terrible for your overall health. But if you have asthma, the dangers of cigarette smoke are even greater. Exposure to cigarette smoke can trigger an asthma attack; long-term exposure can lead to a gradual worsening of asthma symptoms. That goes for both actively smoking and secondhand smoke. […]

Having asthma (even exercise-induced asthma) should not stop you from exercising regularly. First, you must get your asthma symptoms under control; then, you can find workouts that are less likely to exacerbate your symptoms. Here are 4 great exercises for people with asthma: Walking: One study found that adults who took walks three times a […]

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have pinpointed a genetic variation that may account for the inefficacy of corticosteroid inhalers for certain children with asthma. Scientists narrowed down 20,000 genetic candidates to focus on a single target: the gene VNN-1. They examined the nasal epithelia cells of 57 children who had recently suffered an asthma attack, […]

Leonard Nimoy’s daughter, Julie, today unveiled plans to release a documentary about chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder (COPD). Leonard Nimoy, who is most famous for his role as the hyper-rational Mr. Soock on “Star Trek,” died in February due to complications lfrom COPD. He was 83. “As a special tribute to my father, and to bring more information about COPD […]

Testing a father’s sperm for certain genetic markers could help doctors predict whether his child will develop autism, a new study from Johns Hopkins University suggests. Researchers examined sperm samples from 44 fathers, analyzing 450,000 locations on the genome. They were looking the fathers’ epigenetic tags, which control gene activity. All of the study’s fathers […]

Intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) is an injection made from healthy human blood that can help protect people with compromised immune systems from infection. The healthy blood used for IVIG usually has particularly high concentrations of important antibodies. It is also used to boost the platelet count of people with idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura-ITP, which is a […]

You can’t prevent a milk allergy, but you can avoid the foods that trigger a reaction. Abstaining from dairy is the obvious first step; but there are many other products that contain milk proteins and milk derivatives, such as casein. Check labels on all food products and be careful when ordering in restaurants. First off, […]

  A recent study by researchers at the Gaffrée and Guinle University Hospital in Brazil has found that central obesity has a significant, negative effect on asthma control in women. The study team examined 124 women diagnosed with asthma. They collected information on each woman’s history of asthma symptoms, comorbidities, level of education and demographics. […]

Developers and researchers alike hope that a new mobile phone app could improve the way we manage and treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). The Icahn School of Medicine and the National Jewish Health Respiratory Institute at Mount Sinai teamed up with LifeMap Solutions to build COPD Navigator, a clinician-patient interactive platform that tracks the […]